Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos the Complete Series on DVD

With his legendary meme-worthy attributes, Chuck Norris’ internet celebrity has far exceeded his mainstream celebrity. That being the case, I always thought their would be more of a market for reissues and remasters of his original works. While much of it has been made available in one form or another their had been one massive oversight until recently, the cult favorite (cult even before Norris became an internet staple), Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos. The series was an American animated television series from the 1980s. that originally aired in 1986 as a syndicated five episode mini-series and that was it. I know you are thinking only 5 episodes? I remember more or expected more! Well you do not need more, everything you need is packed into those 5 episodes.

The show was created by and starred Chuck Norris as himself, in animated form, and was produced by Ruby-Spears Productions. They also release a toy line to go along with the show, which has reinforced this show in many of the minds of children of the eighties.

As I said, the show’s unavailability HAD been a massive oversight, but no longer, since it has recently been released through the good folks at The Warner Archive. If you have been longing for this release or have never seen the show before, here is a little hint of what you can expect. Ride my Valkyries!

Great stuff huh? Well if you like what you see head over to The Warner Archive and order your copy today.


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