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We Come Together – Goldfish

I’m afraid I had not heard of Goldfish before watching this video, however since I can tell they have a more than passing fondness for 8-Bit characters and ideas…I believe I’ll have to hop over to Itunes and see how the rest of their album is. Thanks to Goldfishlive for […]

Battle Beasts

Battle Beasts were a line of small 2″ action figure toys, that came in the form of an anthropomorphised animals with body armor and unique weapons. They were created and largely produced by Takara in Japan as “BeastFormers”. In the US they were distributed by Hasbro starting in 1987. One […]

hopping horrors

Wind Up Hopping Horrors

I had never seen the Wind-Up Hopping Horrors before I spotted them on Hake’s this morning. But I like the name and I love this display. According to Hake’s 8x9x2” deep colorful box contains 9 (of original amount of 12) small unusual wind-up toys. 1960s. Die-cut lid includes images of […]