8-bit Version of Crockett’s Theme from Miami Vice by Peachy

After listening to this, I cannot help but continue to wonder why they never made a Miami Vice game for the NES. Just picture that resolution/credits screen with this pumping on your tv…

Miami Vice 8-bit by Peachy


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5 thoughts on “8-bit Version of Crockett’s Theme from Miami Vice by Peachy

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I like this tune even better than the main TV theme.
    No wonder it made the European top ten while the show was on.

    I was thrilled that Rockstar put it on their GTA:Vice City radio tracks.

    But yeah, it would’ve made for a great Miami Vice NES game soundtrack.
    I wonder if there’s still some homebrew activity for the NES, like there is for the VCS?

  2. There has to be an NES homebrew community, Atari! They must also make this game…using Peachy’s Crockett’s theme! Perhaps it would be a driving title?

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    The NES homebrews must have actual carts and labels for actual flashback efficiency.
    I’ll play some ROMs, but I get tired of blowing on my keyboard before starting up.

    I could see this as a driving game.
    Cruising the strips, spotting perps, calling in offenses, feeding the gator.

    Queue up an 8-bit version of “In The Air Tonight” (Peachy’s gotta have it in his library) and you’ve got a winner.

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Thanks Peachy!

    You, sir, are a Musical Mandroid: Half man, half droid, half synth and fully groovy!

    (I was never good at math, but it still adds up)

    Now we have our music for the Showdown At The Dock level.
    I gotta play this game!
    In fact, with the sounds laid down, I’m already playing it in my head.

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