Kerry Decker’s NightLife: The Adam Computer (1986)

Interesting insight from the “the man who hates computers” in this classic clip from Kerry Decker’s NightLife. He talks about about the computer that converted him, The Coleco Adam. He was very excited to pick up an Adam for under $200 because it had been discontinued. Yes, the Adam had some issues, but check out how it made him into a convert.


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10 thoughts on “Kerry Decker’s NightLife: The Adam Computer (1986)

  1. twilitezoner says:

    Was this on public access? Who exactly is Kerry Decker? Do you think he went back to hating computers after he realized he had a 300 lb paperweight?

    I keed, I keed..

  2. This guy makes me hate video…

    He got his own TV show? how? Was it the: People with the charisma of a tree who like to endlessly prattle on about themselves Broadcasting Company (PCTLEPTBC)?

  3. Anyhoo, the ADAM served me quite well up until 1990 when I got an IBM PS/1. I was typing all my homework on the ADAM. Played many games on the ADAM. Did all my BASIC programming on the ADAM. And oh so many errands for my father on the Coleco ADAM computer. It was far from a paperweight.

  4. twilitezoner says:

    Just kidding Justin. I had an Adam at one point and really liked it. One thing though, when I first went to print something I jumped and hit the ceiling. That printer had to be one of the loudest I’ve ever heard.

  5. zoner, you’re right. It’s a loud friggin printer. Daisy wheels! :)

    Retro, at the time, for what you got, the ADAM was a better bargain than anything else out there. Everyone else was just offering a computer. No printer, no game console. The ADAM came with a game console, printer, a word processor, game, BASIC programming language, game controllers, etc..

  6. Jeremy says:

    Actually Kerry Decker was quite an interesting character. He ran a public access show on technology during the 80’s. He also later had a youtube channel for several years where he reviewed old tech, but last year he sadly passed away. You should check out his videos on youtube if you are interested in old tech. Yeah he looks kind of funny on that video but hey that’s public access in the 80’s for ya!

  7. I will admit that in his later stuff he doesn’t come across as douche but I was all prepared to hear about some good aspects of the Adam computer.

    Do you think The Addams Family had an interest in tech? surely this would have been the perfect machine for them? ( I should really delete this last sentence)

  8. So I didn’t see Jeremy’s comment. Went to YouTube to get in touch with Decker to see if I can get a copy of that tape. Then I saw he has not logged in for over a year… Shame.

    Here is his obituary:

    Decker was right; the ADAM was very easy to use. For a computer without a mouse, it made great use of the function keys to make computing simple.

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