Demon Attack Tough!!

I used to run around my family’s house stomping loudly and gruffly shouting, “Demon attack tough!” Of course my family had no idea what I was talking about.


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4 thoughts on “Demon Attack Tough!!

  1. The Doc says:

    Demon Attack was my first Imagic game and my second all time favorite game ever. This game and Laser Blast were games that I literally played until I got bored of them and just turned them off. It seems like I could never lose. If I died it was simply because I was losing interest. But it definitely was a blast to play. I would always pull this game out if I had someone over who I didn’t really want to let play games. (Ok that’s mean but it worked like a charm!)

    This game really turned me on to Imagics other games, which were all mostly great. Riddle of the Sphinx and Firefighter were 2 other great games from Imagic that I highly recommend as well.

    Love those silver boxes!

  2. One of the best of Imagic’s titles…and that is saying quite a bit as I loved most of their titles, just like the Doc said I would also highly recommend this title!

    @theDoc Hm, perhaps the next Game Room Challenge should be Laserblast, eh? :)

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