Hostess Pudding Pies

I was thinking about what foods I would like for lunch today and like most nostalgic people, my mind turned to foods that I cannot find anymore. I wanted a Hostess Pudding Pie – A delicious vanilla with chocolate crust would really hit the spot right now. Since that is not going to happen (all I have been able to find is the chocolate ones), I needed to satisfy my craving with some online reading about them. First to set the nostalgic stage, this wonderful wrapper scan from the 1980s that was posted by Waffle Whiffer.

and of course, one of the commercials for this great product:

Were you or are you a fan of the Hostess Pudding Pie? Are you satisfied with the chocolate or do you miss the days of variety? The TMNT ones are of course a whole other ball of wax.


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