Pogo Bal is What They Call It

These commercials, much like anything with Palm Trees and people in neon cloths, captured my kid self’s attention. Then one day a Pogo Ball showed up at my friends house. I was chomping at the bit to play with it, figuring I would be doing all sorts of extreme bal’ing. It was far from satisfying and visions of a neon clad me hopping under the palm frond shadows of Southern California quickly faded. Still, when I see the commercial, part of me is taken back to that magical time.


Garry Vander Voort

Editor/Podcaster at Retroist
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2 thoughts on “Pogo Bal is What They Call It

  1. chris says:

    My Friend had one and she was amazing on it. She could jump rope, jump really high and was pretty fast hoping down the sidewalk. OK so now that I read what I just typed the Pogo Ball was dumb. It was the moon boots of the 80’s,

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