Answers to the Retro Rewind Trivia Time Challenge #1

Hopefully you got all your answers in for last weeks Retro Rewind Trivia Time Challenge #1, because here are the answers.

1 – Which 80’s movie had this line in it – “The question is not what are we going to do. The question is what aren’t we going to do?”.

Answer. Ferris Buellers Day Off. What a classic! So many quotable lines.

2 – In 1985, George Michael sold more albums than Michael Jackson. True or false?

Answer: Waaaaaay false. Georgie boy sold a ton, but would you believe that Thriller even today still sells more albums per year than George did in 1985?

3 – The popular 80’s music group “The Go Go’s” all posed nude for an issue of Playboy together. True or False?

Answer: False only Belinda Carlise did, and yes I only bought it for the articles!

4 – What popular toys sales slogan was “Interesting playthings typifying the spirit of America?” Need a hint? I’ll bet they were honest.

Answer: Lincoln Logs, which were named after Abraham Lincoln, whose nickname was Honest Abe.

5 – He-Man had a catch phrase he used to yell at the end of his transformation. Was it:

I Am He-Man, and You Are Not!
Paul Is Dead! Long live Paul!
I Have The Power!
Better Hide Your Kids and Hide Your Wife!

Answer: C. Obviously. Nuff said.

6 – What 80s actor was valedictorian of their high school class and later turned down the lead in “American Beauty” (1999)?

Answer: That would be Clark Griswald himself, Chevy Chase. Time for old Chevy to do some more Vacation Movies as Grandpa Griswald in my opinion.

7 – What was ALF’s girlfriend from Melmac’s name?

Answer: Rhonda. For extra credit how many times did she appear on the show? Answer: Zero, because Alf mistakenly ate her.

8 – On Three’s Company, what was the name of Jack’s restaurant that he opened and was head chef of on the show?

Answer: Jack’s Bistro

9 – What was Roscoe P Coletrain’s dogs name on the Dukes of Hazzard?

Answer: Flash, which was ironic because the dog hardly could move.

10 – Did I make this up or could it be true? In the 80’s TV show that Lee Majors starred in called “The Fall Guy” I know I saw the Bionic Man make an appearance. Am I lying?

Answer: Yep total lie, but it would have been majorly cool, admit it!

The Doc

If it was made in the 80's it's simply better!Take Empire Strikes Back for instance!

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One thought on “Answers to the Retro Rewind Trivia Time Challenge #1

  1. PatrickJDoody says:

    Thanks for posting the answers. Chevy Chase in American Beauty? In an alternate universe, I’d like to see that version. I bet he would have been good. Different than Spacey, but still good.

    I can’t believe I didn’t remember Flash! Jeez, I need my 80s card revoked.

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