The Art of Basil Wolverton

When most people think of famous cartoonists from Portland, Or, they think of Matt Groening of Simpsons fame, or even some of the many creative people from Dark Horse comics. There was, however a very original and influential cartoonist from the Portland / Vancouver area named Basil Wolverton. His bizarre art style, sometimes referred to as “spaghetti and meatballs”, influenced many artists, from Ed Roth to Sergio Aragones and other “Mad” artists as well as Robert Crumb and others in the underground comix movement. Take a look at the images from his 1952 book “Common types of Barflize” and see if you can identify other artists or works that he may have inspired. I tried to keep the scans screen-viewable, while at the same time capturing the ridiculous amount of detail he put into his work. Enjoy!


I am a junior-grade retroist working out of the NW office, close to my Retro cave in Woodland, WA. I enjoy old video games, toys, books, movies, band-aid tins full of old Cracker Jack prizes and long walks on the beach.

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