Saturday Supercade: Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors (1985)

Created by Jean Chalopin (Mysterious Cities of Gold, M.A.S.K., and the Real Ghostbusters to name just a fraction of the shows he has worked on) and developed by none other than legendary J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5), Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, ran for 65 episodes. Animation chores were handed to Shaft, Studio Look, Studio Giant, Swan Production, and Sunrise. Which does explain why certain episodes look better than others.

The story of the series dealt with Jayce and his companions, Gillian, Flora, Oon and Herc Stormsailor as they traveled the universe in search of his father, Audric. Audric was a brilliant botanist who dabbled in Biotechnology, but when solar radiation struck his ‘miracle crop’ it mutated into a sentient and quite evil being, named Saw Boss. It reached out across the lab and began to infect other plant life and thus the Monster Minds were born.

Audric is able to create a root that would negate the effects but is forced to flee before he can use it to thwart the Monster Minds, they in fact take over his laboratory and transform into their headquarters. He splits the root and gives one half to his robotic servant, Oon, and sends it to serve Jayce while he takes the other half and heads out into space to try and raise help to stop Saw Boss.

A big thanks to Pulpfilms666 for uploading this first episode to YouTube!


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