Video Game Pioneer, Jerry Lawson Passes Away at Age 70

The following post was submitted by James Peyton, who was friends with this video game pioneer who recently passed:

My friend Jerry Lawson died at age 70. He invented the first cartridge ROM system for the home, 2 years before Atari, the first home 3-D games, one of the first arcade machines (His first arcade title, Chicago Coins’ Demolition Derby, was developed in his garage in the early 70s), and the first player vs. computer home game. Lawson is also noted as the sole black member of the Homebrew Computer Club, a group of early computer hobbyists which would produced a number of industry legends, including Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

I put some additional videos of him up online.

and here are his just released lost 3-d protos on video:


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