TV Thursday: Darkwing Duck (1991-1997)

I may have been finishing High-School when Darkwing Duck landed on my television but I can tell you honestly that I wouldn’t miss an episode of it, as soon as I stepped off the bus I would run up the hill to my house and plop myself down for some fun. After graduating High-School, my first video store job allowed me the freedom of watching the program and I even woke up early on Saturday mornings when it moved from weekday afternoon scheduling in 1996. Why did I follow it so long?

How could I not with an opening as awesome as this?

I’m sure it helped that there was some really great writers on the show and the animation was truly topnotch, especially compared to the deluge of Digimon type programs that seemed to be filling the television line-up at the time. Of course it didn’t hurt that Darkwing Duck had more than a few things in common with my favorite pulp character of all time, The Shadow.

I even have an almost complete collection of the Darkwing Duck toys…and they are still proudly sitting on my shelf. Watching for the other toys that step out out line perhaps? Yeah, I’m looking at you Skeletor and Darkseid. A big thanks to ReDirkulous for that awesome illustration at the top of the post!


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