Z-Machine Wednesday: Starcross (1982)

Programmed by Dave Lebling (Zork I, II, and III) and released by Infocom in 1982, Starcross, was the first science fiction title for the company. For its Challenge Level it was rated Expert, probably due to many of its puzzles dealing with scientific knowledge.

Taking place in the year 2186, taking on the role of an intergalactic miner aboard your space vessel, the M.C.S. Starcross, you search the galaxy for quantum black holes. Which are such powerful sources of energy that finding one would provide you riches beyond imagining. Luckily the Starcross is outfitted with a mass detector to make your job easier. Your detector finds something but it isn’t a black hole…it’s a massive craft of unknown origin and design.

You dock with the craft and upon gaining entry to the interior of the vessel you find strange species of animals and plant life as well as an array of alien technology. Your greatest task is now set before you, you will need to come to understand the technology before you and solve their puzzles so you can find your way home.

As always, a huge thanks to The Infocom Gallery for the wonderful scanned images below.


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