Queen For A Day Returns!

In 1956 to 1964 on NBC, what is considered by many to be the forerunner of modern-day “Reality Shows” reigned supreme. Television show host, Jack Bailey, with the help of the studio audience and their Applause Meter would choose a number of women from the audience and after hearing their life stories would crown one of the women, Queen for a day. Usually getting the contestant what they had requested to better their life, like medical treatment for their children, etc. but they would build upon that to include luxury prizes donated by sponsors.


Well, we received this press release this afternoon, the show is making a comeback.

“The term “reality television” had
not yet been coined when the embodiment of it called Queen For A Day
made its network television debut in 1956 on NBC and ended its run in
1964 on ABC. Five and a half decades later, it has returned to
network TV for the third time, now in a live format, and has proven to
be even more relevant in the 21st century.

A “Q Score” research study using a U.S. national sample of women 25-54
revealed the Queen For A Day concept scored higher than Project Runway
and Real Housewives of New York. And even though the majority of
women had never heard of Queen For A Day, 85% liked the title.

“Historically, the fundamentals of Queen For A Day set in motion the
formula for some of the most successful, current reality television
franchises, including the recruitment of participants with compelling
stories, an opportunity for audience interaction via texting and the
Internet and affording advertisers opportunities for relevant product
integration,” said Michael Wortsman (Executive Producer).

Back in the day, the show was broadcast from the Moulin Rouge in
Hollywood. Audience members would be picked to share their story of
why they deserved the honor of being Queen For A Day. Women revealed
their most personal struggles and would make their emotional case to
the crowd and then be subject to the very technical “applause-o-meter”
and a winner would be crowned and gifted with prizes.

Today, Queen For A Day is a one-hour, prime time live show that runs
for 10 weeks and includes elements from American Idol (judges) and The
Apprentice (weekly missions). Week One begins with 21 women competing
for the opportunity to be a weekly Queen For A Day and from there
eliminated down to the Week Ten finale with the crowning of Queen For
A Day 2011.”


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