Growing Pains S2

Growing Pains: The Complete Second Season on DVD

Their is something very reassuring about the formula of the family sitcom. Probably because they usually give you a glimpse into a family which, while not perfect, overcomes its inadequacies with a laugh track (something we could all use). The pantheon of memorable families is large (even though the growth rate has slowed a bit lately IMO), but a standout in the 1980s would definitely need to be the Seavers of Growing Pains. So I was pleased as Hawaiian Punch to pick up a copy of The Complete Second Season of the show on DVD this week. Now I just started watching it last night, but I am already pulled right back into the warm comfort of 1980s family life.

Growing Pains S2

Season 1 was fine, but its freshman TV. Season 2 is a standout because the characters really start to evolve. Plus you get one of my favorite episodes from the show, “Do You Believe in Magic?” or “That episode with the magic rock” (which I might have jumped ahead and watched first :P). It is so good. As is the whole set and when you pick it up you get all 22 episodes from season 2. But sadly no extras (although I am not sure what they would include besides maybe a commentary track or something). So I am not surprised or really disappointed. I guess when it comes down to it, I didn’t expect much, Growing Pains’ release, and especially these early seasons, is filling up a large hole in my childhood TV watching memories and adds a powerful weapon to my ever-growing “comfort TV” arsenal.

If you’re a fan. Order Growing Pains: Complete Second Season on DVD [@] Amazon

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