For Sale By Owner: Secret Lair

At my age I shouldn’t be surprised by anything the series of tubes that makes up the internet will pull up in a Google search. Just for fun I typed in, “For sale by owner – Secret Lair”. The first hit was something so fabulous that I can only hope a kindhearted reader will gladly give me 10 Million dollars so that I might purchase this choice little spot in London…or should I say UNDER London.

Thanks to BBC News for the photos below and text!

“A series of tunnels that run underneath central London and were used for communications during the Cold War have gone on sale for an estimated £5m.”

“The deep tunnels were built in 1940 and used as air raid shelters holding 8,000 people during World War II. They were used by MI6 in the last two years of the war.”

“They have since been used as a “reserve war room”, public record library and the telephone exchange which connected the Cold War hotline between the presidents of the US and USSR.”

Now you might ask why I would need a secret lair…which I would ask why I wouldn’t need one…but before the Retroist, Peachy, and CritAnime captured me and performed what some would say was questionable brain surgery with the aid of one Clark Savage Jr., I was a would be world conqueror. Don’t believe me? Just ask Claymation Werewolf!


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