1957 Woolworths Lunch Menu

1957 Woolworths Lunch Menu

This was emailed to me and was flagged as spam, glad I checked my folder before emptying it. This 1957 Woolworths Lunch Menu has been floating around the net for almost a year now it looks like, but I have not been able to pinpoint its origina. Everything seems to be a repost of a repost. To many people the Woolworth is some distant memory. A place they see in old TV or movies. I was fortunate to have grown up near a Woolworth and got to eat at one frequently.

My grandmother would take me there when she need to shop for seasonal items. So we usually went around the holidays. It wasn’t the nicest Woolworth, but the food was really tasty. I would get a grilled cheese with potato chips and a Coke. Then when we were done eating we would go shopping. Right before we would leave I would get a Chocolate Chip mint Ice Cream Cone. It was paradise.

Now I wasn’t around in 1957, but I see a couple of things on this menu that look pretty good. I would probably get the Chicken Salad and a king size Coke. For under a buck, that is a real bargain.

Source Found!

Edit: The source for the 1957 Woolworths Lunch Menu has been located. You can check out the menu front AND back at Curly Wurly. Thanks to Maria for the assist.


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