Never Forget Scare Glow!

In 1987, the Masters of the Universe line of toys was running out of steam and yet the creative folks at Mattel kept cranking them out. One of those figures from the last wave was a character billed as the “Evil Ghost of Skeletor”, Scare Glow. Scare Glow is summoned by non-ghost, yet still evil, Skeletor to help defeat He-Man and in the mini-comic that came with him you see him use his special glowing power to induce fear in Prince Adam, making him too afraid to turn into He-Man (spoiler!). He is eventually knocked out of the way by Clamp Champ and Adam is able to make the transformation.

Scare Glow has since made appearances in a few comic adventures, but was never really developed. I guess this makes sense since he was really just an excuse for Mattel to make a cool figure that had some sweet glow-in-the-dark action. That does not make him any less awesome of course and because of his late release he is fairly rare and his billing as made given rise to a cult following.

All they did with his release was refer to him as the “Evil Ghost of Skeletor”, this alone has triggered many online debates as to his origin and purpose. I like to think, like some, that he returned from the future to warn Skeletor to get his act together, or he will be eventually be defeated and killed. What do you think?

..let your scare glow...let it shine through...

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