Teen Wolf on Blu-Ray

Teen Wolf is an odd film that when compared to its star’s big film that was released shortly before it, seems rather low tech. That is because this borderline screwball comedy was actually made before the more well received Back to the Future. It was released after that film and brilliantly rode the heat of Michael J. Fox’s rising stardom and succeeded largely because of that. That does not mean that the film is not without its charms. On the contrary, Teen Wolf, might be silly and sometimes poorly scripted, but it has moments of real heart and it is well grounded by its charismatic star and supporting cast. The same cannot be said for its oddly compelling sequel, but that should be discussed in another post.

I have been a fan of Teen Wolf since I saw it in the theater and I was very happy to pick it up on Blu-Ray last week and take it for a spin. I had watched the film on DVD in October and was looking forward to watching it for the first time in HD. I was not disappointed. The film gets a nice upgrade from DVD, but still manages to retain some of its film quality and graininess. Something I tend to look for when I am looking at retro Blu-ray releases. I want as close to the cinematic presentation when possible and do not want a digitized computer enhanced mess. So I guess you can say I am not too picky and certainly some will be turned off by scratches, splotches and artifacts.

I am no audiophile, so I cannot comment on the quality of the audio. It sounded fine on my standard TV setup though.

Not a ton of extras on the disc, this is obviously a budget release (the price is right) But you do get the original theatrical trailer and a sneak peek at the upcoming MTV series Teen Wolf (no comment).

I am a Teen Wolf fan and I am glad that they got Fox on the way up in his career. If the film had been made after Back to the Future I am pretty sure he might have opted out with his new-found star power. Lucky for us that is not the case and as a consequence we get a fun 80 teen comedy, starring a werewolf, that is much better than it has the right to be. So pick up your copy of Teen Wolf on Blu-Ray today.


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9 thoughts on “Teen Wolf on Blu-Ray

  1. That Teen Wolf series on MTV looks horrendous.

    Retroist: I will admit that the one thing I liked from “Too” was Real Life’s “Send Me an Angel”. There is a New Wave mix CD somewhere in my office that I’ll pop in when I get nostalgic for sculpted hair and digitized drums and that song is definitely on it.

    But I seriously have problems with all of the odd recasting they did for that movie. But that’s a topic for another day.

    On topic: What’s with the weird new Teen Wolf text art? It’s a little too Teen Titans for my taste. Come to think of it……Scott’s whole shirt is different. Grrrr…..
    Still buying it.

  2. Great article, Bill! By the way I totally agree with you on the upcoming MTV Teen Wolf series. Seems like they are just trying to ‘cash in’ on a name to me. :)

  3. BANE says:

    DonĀ“t forget the surprise at the end of Teen Wolf where the guy reveals his johnson….Yeah he is in the stands at the basketball game in the end.

  4. Hello,

    I’m the son of the director of Teen Wolf, Rod Daniel. My brother and I finally got my Dad to sit down and record a director’s commentary to an mp3 file and uploaded it here: http://roddaniel.com/about.html, and are now spreading the word to all TW (original) fans. Enjoy, and please help pass the word and distribute!


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