Christmas-1987 - Robie Junior

Retro Toys: Then and Now – Robie Junior

Earlier today (April 23, 2011), I was going through old photos while visiting my parent’s house. I came across a photo of myself holding a gift I received for my birthday in early December of 1987. It is a toy robot from Radio Shack called Robie Junior. I took this thing everywhere I went. Loved it. In fact, I still do. It is one of a handful of toys I have kept since I was a child. So, I had my fiance take a photo of me with it this evening, almost 24 years later. And if you’re wondering, it still works. If you want more information about Robie Junior, go here.

Christmas-1987 - Robie Junior

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10 thoughts on “Retro Toys: Then and Now – Robie Junior

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Great photo! Love those toys that stand the test of time. Robie still looks futuristic to me.

  2. mwentworth says:

    Hmmm…it appears that your Robie has shrunk dramatically over the years. Yet another great product from Radio Shack; only in the last few years have I realized how much cool stuff they put out there.

  3. Thanks for the responses guys! Robie was only bested by Robie Senior. It’s a cool toy that still works and any child, then and now, would be happy to have it.

    Vinvectrex, yeah, he doesn’t look like a dated toy.

    Retroist, you may be happy with a Hero 1.

    mwentworth, he did shrink ;) C-Joe, thanks!

    Jetta, possibly the Omnibot or Verbot?

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great generational pics RJ.
    Seeing one of the Robie posters of him carrying a bowl of popcorn made me wish I had one around for movie nights.
    I’d also expect him to go all Tom Servo on us during the screening.

  5. Thanks VicSage! Indeed he has been.

    AAS, you know, if you turn Robie on and leave him there, without using him for a couple of minutes, he just screams out “Come on, let’s play!” as he turns from side to side :)

  6. It would be cool to see other people on Retroist post this kind of thing. If you had photos of yourself young with the toys (Christmas morning etc…) and then another pic these days with the same toy if like me you still have most of your toys. The then and now theme is a great idea.

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