Saturday Supercade: Power Lords (1983)

Released by Revell in 1983, Power Lords – The Extra Terrestrial Warriors, has the distinction of being designed by none other than science fiction artist extraordinaire, Wayne Barlow!

A big thanks to Topless Robot for the wonderful ad posted below.

Each figure had an action feature that was explained on the dossier card on the back of the packaging. Adam Power can change into Lord Power by pushing a button to turn his torso around to reveal the Lord Power side; Shaya is a 2-sided figure who is changed by turning her cape around and removing her helmet; Arkus’ wings flap, etc.

Thanks to for these awesome photos!

DC Comics released a 3-issue series in Decemeber of 1983, illustrated by Mark Teixeira!

Sadly the Power Lords while having all manner of neat items, like a video game, board games, coloring books, and a jigsaw puzzle just didn’t seem to find its audience. Besides me of course.


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4 thoughts on “Saturday Supercade: Power Lords (1983)

  1. I only had one and I chose a bad guy, Gripptogg, I still have him around the house somewhere…though his battles have rendered him armless for some reason.

    He’s the pinkish character in the middle of the right hand side on the comics cover. :)

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Reminds me of my Double Trouble Big Jim, with his stoic/angry face changes.

    I loved how action figure series of the 70s-80s nearly always had comic books elaborating the history and adventures of their protagonists.

  3. Drahken says:

    I remember these guys. I had some comic books or coloring books or something, I don’t recall exactly what.

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