Yes, I wanted to Mow Lawns for a Living When I was a Kid

Yesterday I was stuck in traffic coming home from the supermarket. It was a lawn mowing day for the Department of Transportation, so the highway median, which is grass and ornamental trees, was filled with workers. As I sat there a guy on a large mover went by and he looked very focused trying to avoid his fellow workers who were trimming trees. Watching him, I thought back to my youth and how I dreamed of riding on a lawnmower and how I thought it was the coolest job in the world. Of course I wasn’t considering how hot or sticky a job it was, so I thought, “maybe I made the right decision to hitch my wagon to a computer”. Right at that point another guy riding on a lawnmower approached from the other direction. As they crossed one another they high fived and then spun around in a circle obviously laughing maniacally.

The smell of fresh cut grass in the air and the sun shining, they both smiled like goofy kids.



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2 thoughts on “Yes, I wanted to Mow Lawns for a Living When I was a Kid

  1. Jason K. says:

    I was one of those kids lucky enough to do just that for 3 summers when I was growing up. I got to work for the city Water and Electric Dept. Besides a few other jobs now and again (like painting Fire Hydrants, sweeping out buildings and whatnot), a big part of my job was driving to different locations in the city and mowing lawns. It was awesome. Just me, a City Truck and a trailer with a riding mower on it. Some of the spots I had to mow were so large they would take a few hours to mow, so I’d spend a morning with my trusty walkman just mowing away, Motley Crew or Iron Maiden keeping me entertained.
    The one “Dark Day” to my Lawn mowing career was on that fateful Summer day when I was mowing a plot of land next to the city swimming pool. The grass was right next to a small creek that ran through town, right by a bridge with concrete walls leading down from the edge of the grass to the bottom of the creek (which was dried up at this time, nothing but the cement base around the bridge area exposed.)
    Anyway, the grass was wet with dew from the night before, and I drove that mower right up to the edge of the creek, almost defiantly, as if nobody could touch me, City Lawnmower extraordinaire. As I pulled up right to the edge of the grass, I hit reverse to back up. Only the dew has made my tires slick, and I didn’t stop on a dime liek I had thought. The front tires went over that point of no return, and a I tried to get the mower to reverse, it kept slipping closer and closer to the edge. I came to the conclusion that this thing was going over the edge, with or without me, so I opted out of that ride. As I jumped off the mower, it plunged about 10 feet off the edge into the dry creek, smashing into the concrete and rocks at the bottom, and flipping over before the engine sputtered to a stop. Then, the walk of shame back into the office to tell someone. Some of the guys from the electric department got a truck with a lift on it and pulled it up out of the creek. It was a sad day. But I luckily kept my job somehow, and was able to continue my glorious reign as a City Mower, this time, on a brand new Lawnmower.
    Man, I miss that job. But I’ll never forget that fateful day when I destroyed a riding mower.

  2. You got to live the dream Jason, which is more then most people can day. Glad you were not hurt in the incident.

    Any particularly good jabs from your coworkers?

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