Yes, I wanted to Mow Lawns for a Living When I was a Kid

Yesterday I was stuck in traffic coming home from the supermarket. It was a lawn mowing day for the Department of Transportation, so the highway median, which is grass and ornamental trees, was filled with workers. As I sat there a guy on a large mover went by and he looked very focused trying to avoid his fellow workers who were trimming trees. Watching him, I thought back to my youth and how I dreamed of riding on a lawnmower and how I thought it was the coolest job in the world. Of course I wasn’t considering how hot or sticky a job it was, so I thought, “maybe I made the right decision to hitch my wagon to a computer”. Right at that point another guy riding on a lawnmower approached from the other direction. As they crossed one another they high fived and then spun around in a circle obviously laughing maniacally.

The smell of fresh cut grass in the air and the sun shining, they both smiled like goofy kids.



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