Old Orient Museum has digitally restored Retro Chinese and Japanese Advertising Art

While I am not normally a fan of flash heavy sites, I did find myself pretty immersed in the Old Orient Museum. So lost that I found myself spending over an hour sifting through their gallery of restored Chinese and Japanese advertisements from the 1920s and 1930s. I especially enjoyed their section that showed the before and after on their restoration work. They even did a good job of choosing music that set the mood well for the site and while I lowered the volume on the music I never full shut it off. If you enjoy vintage advertising, it is definitely a site you should have bookmarked.

Before and After


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One thought on “Old Orient Museum has digitally restored Retro Chinese and Japanese Advertising Art

  1. Thanks for the complimentary post, Retroist.

    Please check back into the site in 4-5 weeks as I’m doing a total makeover with easier to view images and real captions with heavy historical detail (and an extended soundtrack with 50% more of the same type music), and more pinups. A brand new section will be added also for Early Japanese Photography as well, since it fits into the format of the museum, featuring the wondrous works of T. Enami (1859-1929), Japan’s most prolific photographer, and others. Enami printed a B&W image onto glass slides about the size of a business card, and then delicately painted in the colors with some brushes as small as a single human hair.

    Best regards,
    Vincent Lexington Harper

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