Name that Show – April 21, 2011

Okay, I guess I am a bit naive. I thought last weeks exterior for Just the Ten of Us would be more of a challenge. Do you guys just know every exterior? The winner? Wipa12 and Patrick Pj Walters? Are they the same person? I am not sure? So Wipa12 or/and Patrick Pj Walters, could you please confirm? Either way, this puts Wipa12 at the top of the Leaderboard (maybe by 2 points). So congrats, that long standing first place tie has been broken!

So you would think that I would decide to avoid exteriors, but I am hoping one of these will slow you down. As always you get 1 point for getting it right first here in the comments and one for being the first on Facebook. I will not be posting Name that Show on the Retroist fanpage on Facebook, so just follow this link OR be the first to post it there for a bonus point (although I must admit, I post it there pretty quickly). Oh and move fast on the answer because you would be surprised how quickly people answer these things. Wondering who is on the top? Make sure to check the leaderboards.


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