Is That The Blob?? Nope, It’s SLIME!!!

As a younger kid, the one movie that absolutely scared the utter crap out of me was The Blob. This was the movie where the huge meter came crashing down to Earth and landed in a small town farm. The farmer happened to also be a drunk and the meteor crash woke him up. He grabbed a stick from a tree and poked the meteor and out came a smaller ball of purple muck. The muck crawled up the stick and started eating the farmer!

My young mind just could not get past the fact that this indeed could very much happen! This purple goo had the ability to eat people whole and it grew with every person that it ate! It could change its shape and go under doors to get to people. There just was no stopping the thing. Someone with half a brain finally figured out you could freeze it and that’s how they finally killed it.
Side note – anyone who has read my Dallas posts here at the Retroist knows that I love Dallas right? Well there was a remake made of the Blob and good ole J.R. himself, Larry Hagman directed the remake and he starred in it. So check it out if you get the chance.

But this post isn’t about the Blob, it’s about it toy cousin, SLIME. Here is a picture of the trash can that the SLIME came it:

Seems harmless enough right? RIGHT???!!!!

SLIME was created by Mattel in 1976. This article really cannot do justice to how this stuff felt in your hand. Image a very wet, gushy, sticky material that managed to wrap itself around your hand once you poured it into your hand. Girls especially freaked if you poured it on them! Needless to say, my 8 year old self took massive pleasure it terrorizing my girl pals in school with this toy!

Another selling point for me was the horrific sound that SLIME made when you pour it from the trash can. It had that awesome sucking noise combined with a bass heavy PLOP that all younger boys are totally driven to.

Here is what the SLIME looked like coming out of the trash can:

Ewwww! Pleasantly sickening sounds and feel!

So my creative 8 year old mind soon found another gross use for SLIME. I would take a very small piece of the slime and then stick it on the bottom of my nose and then pretend to sneeze! Yep – INSTANT BOOGER!!! OOOHHH YEAH!

SLIME sold like hot cakes during its first year that it was sold. Believe it or not, there was a board game called Slime Monster based on SLIME. In the game, a plastic, foot tall monster was loaded with SLIME. The player token had to move from the start to the finish marks on the board, but as each player took their turn, they also rolled a die for the SLIME Monster as well. As the game progressed, the slime would drip from the monsters mouth and if your token got hit by the SLIME you were out of the game.

Unfortunately, SLIME was a little expensive at the time and as well was not very easy to get out of your Moms expensive carpet once you spilled it. It was also a little toxic and began making kids sick who managed to eat the stuff. Therefor it had a relatively short shelf like.

Fear not though, SLIME does live on at the Nickelodeon TV channel as many kids get the stuff dumped on them for losing at their game shows.

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