Retroist Game Room Challenge: Super Cobra

We’ve had a bit of break these few weeks on the Retroist Game Room Challenge but we are back and ready with a game that requires nerves of steel…and a bit of luck. This week we have selected the classic 1981 Konami classic, Super Cobra!

But what about the prize you may be asking…how about a full DLC game card for Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley.

The awesome Comic Jumper was developed by Twisted Pixel Games, the same mad geniuses who brought us the Maw and ‘Splosion Man for XBox Live Arcade.

So all you have to do, friends. Is make sure you are a friend of my digital avatar on Xbox Live, Unicron2005, and accept the challenge I send your way! You will have 3 attempts within 7 days to obtain not only the High-Score Crown but the DLC card to boot!


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3 thoughts on “Retroist Game Room Challenge: Super Cobra

  1. Would love to coordinate with you regarding the Game Room challenges. Please send me a note so we can discuss this further. CADERS is involved with the promotion of casual and retro gaming.

  2. Next up, to discuss future events, stuff involving other XBLA content. Would LOVE to get some guys to jump into something involving Pacman CE, R-Type and Ikaruga.

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