Dallas TheMovie Collection

Dallas: The Movie Collection on DVD

Dallas DVD releases have been chugging along for a while now and just a few weeks ago we finished the series, but that did not mean we were done. Oh no, Dallas had a couple of reunion shows and movies that helped to flesh out and keep interest in Dallas alive. This set pretty much wraps all this up including this 3 features and the retrospective, Dallas Reunion: Return to Southfork. All of these will be valued by Dallas fans, but some of the movies (J.R. Returns), in my opinion are better than the others.

Dallas TheMovie Collection

First off you get the prequel from 1986, The Early Years, which while good is bit uneven and does not fully synch up with the show. Still it is worth watching, but when you are done you get to the real meat of this DVD. J.R Returns, which was worked on by Katzman and Lewis (the creative folks behind the series), was the first reunion movie and really tied the show together offering a feeling of continuity with a satisfying resolution. The War of the Ewings which follows feels extraneous at times after the wonderful work they did on J.R. Returns. Maybe that has to do with the creative team being different? Even though it feels unnecessary, it is a lot of fun to see the Ewings in action. Any shows with the Ewings, is better than no Ewings, right? The final piece is the retrospective Dallas Reunion which is filled with reminiscences and behind the scenes info.

That pretty much wraps things up for Dallas up until the releases of the new series. Although I am pretty sure that they did another Dallas Reunion in 2008 or so, which is not on this set. Hmmmm, maybe that will be included with the new series when it comes out on DVD?

Dallas completists rejoice! Dallas rejectionists reconsider! The entire awesomeness of the Dallas series lies before you – Waiting to be enjoying like a sumptuous retro feast for the eyes and ears. So head over to Amazon and order Dallas: The Movie Collection today.


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