Saturday Supercade: Pac-Man In A Bad Case Of The Chomps

Hey, like I said last weekend, what was Saturday made for besides watching cartoons all day? Thanks to Supergamer221 for posting this episode over on YouTube! I spent many a Saturday morning hopped up on my cereal watching this program, I know it’s a silly show but it’s close to my heart.


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4 thoughts on “Saturday Supercade: Pac-Man In A Bad Case Of The Chomps

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    This show had the best Pac Man showbiz incarnation.
    The little dude truly looks like a cartoon Pac-Man and the voice actor did a good job of sounding like a pellet-gobbler.

    Preferable to the other visualizations of the pacster (board game, cereal, card set) imho, cuz the nose and eyes got weird in some places.

    No wonder it’s possibly the best use of a video game character in cartoonland.

  2. This show really makes it seem like Pac-Man has the upper hand; easy access to power pellets, and once he’s powered up, it lasts all day. He just goes around harassing the ghost monsters to his heart’s content.

    Needless to say, the actual game is quite a different story.

    A more accurate show would be one, very short episode in which Pac-Man is fleeing in terror, trapped in a confounding maze, cornered in every direction by invincible attackers, powerless, out of options — unable to even take a step without force feeding himself whatever he finds on the ground. Then nothing more than a simple brush of contact with one of his antagonists causes him to wretch backward and shrivel up like a garden slug covered in salt.

    And then the exact same thing would happen a couple more times, as if to compound the horror. The end.

  3. Drahken says:

    This still remains one of my favorite cartoon series of all time. It wasn’t very game-accurate, but it was a great cartoon.

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