Friday Flyers: Time Pilot (1982)

Released into the arcades in 1982, Time Pilot, was designed by Yoshiki Okamoto (1942, Gun.Smoke, Resident Evil) for Konami. Though it was distributed by Centuri in the United States. You filled the shoes of a, well, Time Pilot who must travel through five eras to rescue your fellow stranded pilots, without getting blown out of the skies yourself.

As always a huge thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive for the wonderful scanned flyers you see below!

A big thank you to the ClassicGameVideos channel on YouTube for the vid below!


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2 thoughts on “Friday Flyers: Time Pilot (1982)

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great flyers for a great game.
    Always loved this one, as it starts up with good music and a time travel motif, then goes easy on me for the first few levels so I feel like an ace. Of course, faster ships start buzzing around afterwards to make me earn my crackerjack fighter pilot status.

    I think XBL has a good port of this one.
    Or is it Coleco’s cart I’m thinking of?

  2. The Doc says:

    Yes it was XBL that had an awesome release of Time Pilot. It was so true to the original that it even included the same glitches as the arcade game. For example, if you kill your quota of planes on the very first level, then wait for the boss plane to appear. Simply follow it around but do not shoot it. Other planes will start to appear, but they will never shoot at you. You can pick these guys off forever and rack up infinite lives which will allow you to make it all the way through this very tough game.

    Thanks for the great post!

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