Z-Machine Wednesday: The Pawn (1986)

Programmed by Magnetic Scrolls and then published first by Rainbird, this graphic(Depending on which system you played it on)/text adventure had you trying to escape the fairy land of Kervonia. It was hailed for its graphics by Dragon magazine, reviewers Hartley and Pattie Lesser stated that the game’s “painted” scenes will leave you in awe. The music was also cited as being one of the kind for its time, the Commodore Amiga system garnered these claims as it was the only computer at the time that had the hardware support to handle the digitized music.

A big thanks to The Magnetic Scrolls Chronicles for the box art and map you see posted below.

Magnetic Scrolls went on to produce a sequel to the Pawn entitled The Guild of Thieves. They also programmed Jinxter, Corruption, Fish!, Myth, Wonderland, and the Legacy.


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