Folgers Coffee “Home For The Holidays” Commercial

As kids, we all had our favourite cartoons (mine were He-man, Thundercats, and Voltron), movies, and toys. For the couch potatoes among us, we also had our favourite commercials. Chief among these are the commercials that came out around the different holidays. Halloween gave us some great commercials, as did Easter with the great Cadbury’s Creme Egg commercial. But this article is going to be about my all time favourite commercial that came out in the very early 80s at Christmas. (though the specific year is up for debate) Some of you will know what commercial is coming….Folgers Coffee “Home For The Holidays” commercial. Or as I refer to it, the “Peter !” commercial.

You know the one. It opens with a quaint snowy scene. A young man with a backpack gets out of an old volkswagen in front of a house. He goes in and a spritely little girl with blonde hair shouts his name “Peter..!” He girl is Peter’s sister. Peter quiets the girl and they hurry to the kitchen, where they make a big pot of Folger’s coffee. The smell drifts upstairs, where the smell slowly wakes a man and woman ; Peter’s parents. Peter and his sister are setting up a tray with coffee on it when the parents appear at the top of the stairs. The mom cries out “Peter !” and the family embraces.

When I was a kid, it just wasn’t Christmas until this ad came on. It hasn’t been shown too much in the last 10 years or so. They did update the ad….but it’s not the same.

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  1. I love this, as sappy as it is. The “new” commercial doesn’t have the same emotional tug that this one has.

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