Space Kiddettes Young Samson

The Space Kidettes & Young Samson Now Available on DVD

Space Kiddettes Young Samson

I have a backlog of animated shows that I am making my way through on weekends. This weekend I not only had the opportunity to watch much of Valley of the Dinosaurs, but I also cracked open and watched a good chunk of The Space Kidettes & Young Samson which are being offered through The Warner Archive. I had already watched the show Young Sampson when it was called Samson & Goliath. I tracked it down a few years ago because I had heard the a lot of parallels exist between it and He-Man and I have to agree. Samson is a smart teen with magical bracelets that allows him to turn in to a muscled hero and his dog into a powerful lion (although I am not sure why they did not go with a powerful wolf?)

I had not seen Space Kidettes until today and I have to say its a fun show about kids named Scooter, Jenny, Snoopy and Countdown, who along with their dog Pupstar, travel around in their spaceship clubhouse and attempt to protect the galaxy from Captain Skyhook. It is great kid based space-age cartoonery, but why are these different shows being released together?

Well when these shows were put into syndication they were bundled together and thus many people who saw them when they were on TV know that they were merged together. Because of this, the original network broadcasts of Space Kidettes (1966) and Young Samson (1967) were formatted to break up the plot line of each episode to include additional animated content not made by Hanna-Barbera, but which were controlled by the series’ sponsor. After the network runs ended, the Kidettes and Samson stories were re-edited into continuous scenarios, and the two series were joined together as the The Space Kidettes & Young Samson Show for subsequent forms of distribution. The revised syndication versions of these shows are the only ones available for distribution, as the original network versions were cut and reconformed for the current configuration.

Both are a real treat to watch together or separate, and this is yet another feather in the cap for the Warner Archive. So drop on by and order The Space Kidettes & Young Samson on DVD today exclusively through the Warner Archive.


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