Upon Viewing a Colorized Episode of “I Love Lucy”…

This is a for real, legit, 1956 episode of “I Love Lucy” (not The Lucy Show or Here’s Lucy or anything like that), which isn’t extraordinary in and of itself aside of the fact that this was their Christmas special. But what makes this clip extraordinary bordering on downright weird is that it had been colorized. Let me explain–as someone who has seen every episode of I Love Lucy, and grew up watching this black and white classic in syndication, and got so used to it being in black and white that it was shocking to my ten year old self to discover upon her death that Lucille Ball was a redhead and not a blonde–well, seeing this episode in color felt like I was doing something wrong, or seeing something I shouldn’t be seeing. Maybe even viewing something a little dirty. Practicing a taboo.

And if that’s not enough to make you want to click on this, well, how would you like to see for yourself that the Ricardos’ apartment was actually pink with turquoise curtains?

I knew that would do it.


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