The GE Computer Radio (1979)

Back in the 1970s and 1980s you could really play around with the word and still be technically right (I guess that is true today). But nowadays when you claim their is a computer in that Clock Radio, it better have WiFi and not just a fancy numpad.

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3 thoughts on “The GE Computer Radio (1979)

  1. earblast says:

    I think it’s odd they used to have ads for clock radios. It’s sort of an anonymous object these days. I can’t imagine Sony blowing ad dollars on something like that.

    The wood grain would match my 2600 quite nicely.

  2. My family had one wood grain LCD alarm clock in the house. It belonged to my parents and it was like magic to me. I would stare at the thing and wait for it to flip over to a new time.

    My first alarm clock had the numbers that flipper over.

  3. Vinvectrex says:

    Funny – I was at a flea market this past Saturday and saw one of these things. I thought it was an old cable box.

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