Retroist Game Room Challenge #6: Completed!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the H.E.R.O. challenge. Mordrach received top honors with an impressive 48,020 point score! We’ll be sending Mordrach a 1,600 point Microsoft XBLA card in recognition of his supreme H.E.R.O.ness. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact count of the miners rescued, spiders vaporized, or rock walls demolished. But, I’m guessing they number in the hundreds. And, hopefully we had the opportunity to introduce this classic Activision game to a few new players. If you missed this challenge, there are more to come. In the meantime, strap on that rocket pack and get back to the mines for some rescuing action!

I would like to everyone to join me in giving not only Mordrach a big round of applause for his impressive victory but to our very own Vinvectrex as well for being kind enough to host this week’s Retroist Game Room Challenge!


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