Carved Wood Pac-Man and Ghosts

As far as vintage arcade games go, Pac-Man tops the list and what better way to celebrate that vintage style then by going ver vintage and having a Pac-man and his ghostly nemeses cared out of wood? That is exactly what is being offered by St. Paul’s, William Dohman. Each one is made from reclaimed northern Minnesota Douglas-fir and the wood is hand planed, cut and sanded to a smooth finish.


Perfect for young kids or immature adults. Please note that the ghosts bots do have a pointed base and might not be appropriate for very young children.

Ghosts are 3″x3″x4.5″
Pac Man is 4″ diameter x 3″
Coated with Tung Oil

Carved Wood Pac-Man and Ghosts [@] Etsy


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