Jim Henson’s…Wizard of Id?

A huge thanks to frequent visitor to this site, Dax, for giving me the heads up on this pilot in the Summer of 1968, done by none other than Jim Henson. A colossal tip of the hat to Jim Henson’s Red Book over on Henson.Com for the brief excerpt posted below. Make sure to follow the link above to see in Jim Henson’s own words, everything from this Wizard of Id pilot to notes stating that they are shooting more meeting films and that Frank Oz is producing. Of course feel free to follow the link to Dax’s own artistic blog where you can stare at anything from the many faces of Tommy Lee Jones to water color illustrations of the one and only Houdini!

“3/22/1969 – ‘Shoot “Wizard of Id” pilot’
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Historical information provided by The Jim Henson Company Archivist:

In the summer of 1968, Jim Henson met Johnny Hart, the creator of the popular comic strips B.C. and The Wizard of Id. They discussed the idea of creating a television show based on The Wizard of Id that would combine puppets with an animated background. That fall, puppets were built, and Jim and his colleagues made a presentation to Hart’s publisher, the Publishers-Hall Syndicate. The response was positive and in early 1969, Jim shot a test pilot. Robert Reed of Publishers-Hall spent the next year and a half trying to sell the show to the networks as a series or as several specials. In September of 1970, ABC expressed interest in making a Wizard of Id feature film, but, by that time, Jim was busy with Sesame Street, the Tales of Muppetland specials, and his variety show appearances and decided not to take the idea any further.”


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