The Two Mrs. Carrolls on DVD

I cannot think of an actor who has turned more people onto watching older movies than Humphrey Bogart. Sure it starts off with the gateway movie Casablanca, but before you know it you are watching The Maltese Falcon and Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Then what? Then you turn your attention to movies you haven’t heard of and greedily gobble them up, but wait there is more! You check out IMDB and notice a host of films by Bogie are not currently in print…so you wait… and wait. Well the wait is over for one of those classics, the Bogart, Stanwyck thriller, The Two Mrs. Carrolls has been remastered and released on DVD through the Warner Archive.

I had only seen half of this film, once before, but once you will see it, I think you will agree it is an underrated classics. Here is the synopsis:

Matrimony means different things to different people. For temperamental artist Geoffrey Carroll, it means he’s in his element. And out of his mind. In their only screen pairing, two of film’s all-time greats star in a psychological thriller rife with pelting rain and pealing bells, blackmail and murder, calculated dread and an unnerving finale. Humphrey Bogart portrays Geoffrey, who’s making a habit of poisoning one wife and marrying another when the former no longer inspires his canvases. Barbara Stanwyck plays his current wife Sally, who puts two and two together and comes up with six – as in six feet under, the place she’ll be if she continues to accept the glass of milk Geoffrey regularly offers as a nightcap. Alexis Smith also stars as a predatory neighbor who becomes the object of Geoffrey’s thirst for feminine variety. Drink up, thriller fans!

If that does not grab you, how about this riff on one of his most famous movie lines:

Another great release and another great piece of Hollywood history now in my collection. If you like Bogie and want to see two legends of the screen at the height of their powers (was Bogie ever not at his height?), then pick up a copy of The Two Mrs. Carrolls on DVD exclusively from The Warner Archive. If you like this movie you might also want to check out another Bogie re-release (I have not seen it yet myself) The Wagons Roll at Midnight.


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