Retroist Game Room Challenge #5 completed!

The River Raid Challenge has been met, and such a list of destroyed helicopters, tankers, fuel depots, bridges, and jets I have never seen. How many you might ask? In this challenge there were 456 downed helpicoters, 703 tankers sunk, 712 fuel depots ‘accidentally’ blow up, 326 bridges blown to smithereens, and 582 jet fighters shot down. All in the name of grabbing the Retroist Video Game Crown, the bragging rights of having the steadiest hand and near perfect aim, as well as the 1600 Microsoft points!

So join me in giving a big round of applause to Slye Knight, because he now possesses all three of those very things!

You would know he was capable of all those things anyway, just check out how he dresses up his Avatar! Now later this evening I will probably be posting the next Retroist Game Room Challenge, something a little different this time though in how we are doing it. Make sure to check back later to see what is up!


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