Pac-Man Cereal Commercial

I can honestly say that I’ve never seen this commercial in my life. I really kind of dig how they’ve treated Super Pac-Man though. Thanks to SpacedCobraTV for uploading this!


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2 thoughts on “Pac-Man Cereal Commercial

  1. I’ve never seen that either! I wonder if it came out before the cartoon, since the style is so different? It sounds like they used the same voice actor as the one who does Gargamel from the Smurfs. Fun stuff!

  2. Duke of Crydee says:

    I have an empty box of Pac-Man cereal on my arcade unit behind me. The front has a big “NEW!” in the corner, so I’ll assume it’s from when it first came out. No date is stamped on it, but the prize/back is for a contest to win a Super Pac-Man arcade. The rules state entries must be received by June 24th 1984. If we take into account the fact that the Pac-Man cartoon ended in Nov. 1983 and that Wikipedia says the cereal came out in “1983”. It probably came out early ’83 during the final year of the show.

    It probably all came down to copyright. Namco might’ve owned Pac-Man, but likely Hanna-Barbera retained all of the cartoon rights. So General Mills pays Namco, but rolls their own animation rather than pay Hanna-Barbera for theirs. :)

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