frankenberry ring

Frankenberry Ring

We ate a lot of Monster Cereals in my house when I was growing up and I could have sworn we had this Frankenberry ring floating around until well into the 1990s. My eldest sister was the big Frankenberry fan (Boo was my buddy), so I wonder if she still has it tucked away somewhere? If not, I think she should check out his one, which looks to be in much better condition then the one I remember, over at Hake’s.

frankenberry ring


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6 thoughts on “Frankenberry Ring

  1. I love the idea of people still using wax to seal envelopes and their personal symbols being 1980s advertising and cartoons characters. Maybe in some wonderfully twisted post-apocalyptic world?

  2. I’m going to go through all my old 80’s stuff and see if I can find a ring that will work and start doing that! I have a He-Man ring and some GiJoe ones for sure…

  3. I would totally rock a Count Chocula ring! I think that my older sister had one … but it was square and had a “hologram” inside of it

  4. “My Lord, we just received a missive from Lord Tupa of the House of Man-E-Faces!”

    “Well don’t just stand there, open it you fool!”

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