Pizza Hut Solar Shades

pizza hut solar shades

In 1989 Pizza Hut sponsored the film Back to the Future Part II. To celebrate the product tie ins, they offered a free pair of futuristic sunglasses, known as “Solar Shades” for $1.99, with the purchase of Pizza Hut pizza. I was very enamored of these glasses and lucky for me a Pizza Hut had just opened up in my area, so I got a pair (the two-tone -triangular one). Well, my enthusiasm was stifled pretty quickly by two things. One, they did not fit my large noggin, and two, when I did jam them onto my disproportionately large face, it was like drawing a target for any physical or verbal bully in a 12 mile radius.

So the Solar Shades went away, but never really left my memory bank. Whenever I watch Back to the Future Part II, I think about my enthusiasm for them and try to retrace where I might have stowed them. So far I have come up empty-handed.

Here are two commercials that mention the giveaway:


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