Saturday Supercade’s Donkey Kong – Hairy Parent

Here is a treat to get you through your late Wednesday blues. An episode of Donkey Kong from the famous Saturday Supercade.

Donkey Kong – Hairy Parent – 1 of 2

Donkey Kong – Hairy Parent – 2 of 2

[via] YouTube


Garry Vander Voort

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Supercade’s Donkey Kong – Hairy Parent

  1. Jason K. says:

    I just recently acquired a whole bunch of episodes of different Saturday Supercade segments. Am waiting for the perfect Saturday morning to curl up with a bowl of Fruit Loops and enjoy them.

  2. This will indeed get you through the Wednesday Blues!

    @JasonK. How about you upload those episodes on YouTube, friend? We may not be able to come over to your house and share those Fruit Loops. :)

  3. Chris says:

    Vaguely remember this but I love the style of it. Loved the Donkey Kong Jr. stuff

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