Jack In The Box Universal Monsters

A huge thanks to my great friend, Christopher Tupa who spotted these wonderful Jack in the Box Universal Monsters toys on Ebay and nabbed them for me. Unfortunately I do not live in an area that has one of these restaurants so I had no idea these little guys even existed. Make sure to follow Chris’s link so you can purchase some of his fantastic artwork!


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11 thoughts on “Jack In The Box Universal Monsters

  1. Ah, the Universal Monsters! What a find you have there. Anytime I see these guys I make sure to pick them up. A few years ago Todd McFarland toys made a set for a certain anniversary of the Universal Monsters and I snagged them from Toys R Us. They were quite expensive at $19.99 a piece but they came with very cool dioramas, like Draculas coffin and some eerie trees in a darkened forest for the Wolfman.

    They just don’t make horror movies like those any longer. I had massively high hopes for Van Helsing but they went for the laugh instead and crushed my monster loving heart in the process.

    Enjoy Retroist!

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Reminds me of the days of Aurora models.
    Those kits were something else.
    A cousin of mine would build them and paint them so realistically, you’d swear they were going to jump off the table and snarl at you.

    Would’ve been great, even if life-changing.

  3. @TheDoc No worries, friend! You are most correct in that they don’t make horror movies like they used to.

    @AtariAdventureSquare Do you remember all the models the kid in the Salem’s Lot movie had? I kept finding my attention being drawn to his work table instead of the plot of the movie. Ha, ha.

  4. @ChristopherTupa The funny thing about all of that was I kept trying to find a background image from the Universal Monster films, like Dracula’s crypt, etc. I came up with nothing so I finally just went to Google and typed in ‘Scary Forest’ and after printing it up and taping it to the wall…it didn’t look that bad. :)

  5. Wish I had them too….I actually have the Bride and the Wolfman. Didn’t know the others existed. Check out my Monster Cafe above! I am obsessed with the Monsters too!

  6. @BANE Very, very nice, friend! I would love to visit your Monster Cafe. Would you mind if I share some of these photos on the site?

  7. Slade says:

    There were actually two sets of Jack in the Box Universal Monster toys. I think yours are from the first. The next set had a seated Frankenstein with a head that lights up, 1943 Phantom of the Opera mouth organ, Dracula with arms that swing out when you pressed a button, and a Creature from the Black Lagoon squirter (can’t really call it a squirt gun).

    Burger King also had some – mostly monsters in coffins or other boxes. The figures could be removed from the boxes.

  8. Hollyfeld says:

    “Burger King also had some – mostly monsters in coffins or other boxes. The figures could be removed from the boxes.”

    I attained these a few years ago. Pretty cool set of toys, considering they were fast food tie-ins. Frankenstein’s monster has a light up head in this series also.

    Had no idea that there was a Jack in the Box set of Universal monsters though (*No Jack in the Box restaurants in Canada). Looks like I’ll have to try and locate these now :)

    My favorite Universal Monster figures are still the Remco pocket monsters from the late 70s/early 80s.

  9. Rachel says:

    I have 6 of the monsters from jack in the box never been opened :) i am selling them if you are interested please email at rspiker1984@yahoo.com
    My name is rachel
    The monsters i have are
    The mummy with tomb that winds up
    The wolfman that howls
    Dracula his arms open with a push button
    Creature from the black lagoon his is a water gun
    Frankenstein with electric chair that lights up his head
    Or can someone help me with the price For them having trouble finding them online still in the bag ?
    Thank you have a nice day

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