Gamera Double Feature – Gamera vs. Zigra and Gamera: The Super Monster on DVD


I would watch Gamera and Godzilla films on my local TV channels on weekend afternoons when I was a kid. They all rolled into one another plot-wise, due to their horrible dubbing and my kid brain. My second round of exposure was when Mystery Science Theater 3000 would skewer these same films. Something happened when I watched those MST3K broadcasts. Between peals of laughter, I started to get interested in the actual films. So since then, I have made it a point to pick and watch them in their original format when possible.

Enter Shout! Factory and its wonderful releases of the Gamera films in a collections of double features that have made my weekends lazy and magical once again. This week they released the final two Gamera movies in the collection: the MST3K skewered Gamera vs. Zigra (this film has some really annoying kids) and the final film in the Gamera franchise, Gamera: The Super Monster (which I believe I caught on Mtv many years ago).

Following Shout! Factory’s notable standards for quality, this double feature collection includes:
• Newly restored anamorphic widescreen transfers
• Original Japanese language audio
• English dubs
• Publicity Gallery

Gamera Double Feature – Gamera vs. Zigra and Gamera: The Super Monster on DVD [@] Amazon


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