Saturday Supercade: Bruce Lee’s Kung-Fu Manual

Do you know Kung-Fu? Well, I sure don’t, so stop looking at me like that. What is this here on the shelf? Yes! It’s an official Bruce Lee Basic Training Kung-Fu Manual! What? No, I don’t think that will stop the zombies at the door but you’ll look cool while you fight ’em!


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4 thoughts on “Saturday Supercade: Bruce Lee’s Kung-Fu Manual

  1. I had a friend who LOVED books like this growing up. He would practice martial arts moves all the time (usually on us his friends). I often wonder if he is a martial arts master now.

    If so he might be the first Mail Order Master (which is the name of my upcoming movie).

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    “When one runs out of shotgun shells, Grasshopper, one will be glad to be able to Jeet-Kun-Do the undead out of starving zombies.”

    -Wise Old Master

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