Why in hell US Gold released this game I will never know. As it’s possibly the single worst game I have ever played. It’s even worse than Running Man and that’s saying something. Because Xevious on the Commodore 64 is a jumbled mess of a game. Nothing about it is appealing except for the Xevious name.

The graphics are terrible and actually caused discomfort in my eyes. Which is a first for any game that I have played. The sprites are terrible, the backgrounds are a mess, the animation is jerky, and it’s hard to distinguish the bullets from the terrain as they blend in or simply disappear altogether. Everything just becomes jumbled and difficult to see.

I am not even going to go into the audio on this game. I turned the mute on after only a few seconds as its grating if left on for anything longer.

The controls are sluggish and jittery. The trigger fires both weapons at the same time, possibly the best thing about the game. But the collision detection is shocking. Unless both bullets connect with an enemy it will just pass right through it. And the bomb will just hit a building and refuse to explode. However I discovered, thanks to the crater marks left by some buildings, that it looks like some of the buildings collision zones might not be aligned with the actual building sprites. Yet your collision zone seems to be larger than your ships sprite and I often found myself been killed by something a distance away.

Xevious was an arcade classic. US Gold has taken that classic and made an abysmal port that should never have seen it’s way to coding. Let alone past the initial draft.

The game left me feeling nauseated, fatigued and made my eyes hurt. All by playing it for 9 minuets. So how they expected people to be able to play this for any great length of time is beyond me.

It’s an horrible, terrible, abomination of a game. With the only good features been firing both weapons at the same time by default and skill levels. But these are nowhere near enough to save this thing from my waste bin. And as such I am giving this game zero stars. The first time that this has ever been done on the Retroist.com for anything. It’s even been able to beat The Running Man for terrible quality and has now become my lowest benchmark for a game.

Burn and smash any copy you see.

Gameplay Video


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