TV Thursday: Man From Atlantis (1976-1978)

Man From Atlantis aired on NBC as a series of 4 television movies during 1976-1977 before getting the green light for a 13 episode run in 1977. It starred a young Patrick Duffy as an amnesiac who is believed to be the sole surviving citizen of the lost fabled city of Atlantis. He is given the name Mark Harris by his rescuers, Dr. Elizabeth Merril (Belinda J. Montgomery) and C.W. Crawford Jr. (Alan Fudge) who are employed by the Foundation For Oceanic Research. Mark is obviously different as he has webbed hands, gills, and a sensitivity to light. He is recruited by the Foundation and travels upon the submarine, the Cetacean, getting into all sorts of adventures.

The main villain of the series would probably be the Wild Wild West alumni, Victory Buono, as Mr. Schubert.

Man From Atlantis also had a comic book series from Marvel Comics, the issue posted below was one of the first comics I picked up in my youth.

A big thanks goes to Condorman76 over on Flickr for the publicity shot at the top of this post!


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3 thoughts on “TV Thursday: Man From Atlantis (1976-1978)

  1. Tim says:

    When Bobby Ewing came out of the shower on Dallas, I shouted to the screen:
    There’s the Man From Atlantis!

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Man From Atlantis was the closest thing to Aquaman one could get in a live-action setting (I dunno if there even was an animated way), so I was cuckoo about this show.

    I started to imitate his ‘body-wave’ way of swimming to move faster underwater – and it worked!
    That is, I got to bump my head quite severely on the edge of the outdoor pool at a friend’s house within seconds of starting up.
    After it happened again in the longer lanes (and harder surface) of the public pool, I desisted my attempts at channeling an Atlantean being until I could learn to see underwater without (or even *with*) goggles.

    I still get a headache seeing those beloved comic books in my stack.
    A fond, heart-warming headache.

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