Z-Machine Wednesday: Stationfall (1987)

Released by Infocom in 1987, Stationfall marked the the company’s 25th release and is a sequel to the popular Planetfall which was released two years earlier. Steve Meretzky (Planetfall, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Sorcerer) was the genius behind the writing of the title and the game was released just one day before his 30th birthday! Stationfall was also the first Infocom title that had no difficulty level on the box.

Following the events of Planetfall you find yourself with a promotion, instead of Ensign Seventh Class you are now a Lieutenant First Class…but don’t start patting yourself on the back just yet. Sure you aren’t doing menial cleaning chores anymore but now you are doing menial paperwork behind a desk all day. This is how you are rewarded for saving an entire planet, no more than 5 years ago?

Luckily this is an Infocom title so that means before your know it you are trucking through space once again, I mean it, you are driving in a spacetruck to pick up a “Request for Stellar Patrol Issue Regulation Black Form Binders Request Form Forms”. Unfortunately the spacetruck is fully automated so you aren’t actually doing the driving but at least you have been given a robotic companion, the lovable Floyd from Planetfall is back!

Upon reaching the station you find there is something wrong. It is mostly deserted. Except for an Arcturian balloon-like creature…and an Ostrich. Both the creatures are in perfect health which is surprising as the systems in the space station, like those controlling the welders for the station, seem to be intent on causing your grievous harm.

So what happened to the crew on the space station? What about those dangerous automated systems? What is up with the Ostrich and the Acrturian Balloon Creature? You’ll just have to play the title to find out for yourself, won’t you?

As usual a huge thanks to the Infocom Gallery for the scans posted below!


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