Vintage Disneyland Tomorrowland Postcards

Flickr is a great resource for Disney postcards. You can take a virtual tour now just by geography, but also through time, just by browsing collections. This morning I went to Disneyland’s Tomorrowland of Yesteryear.

Click on the postcard to see the larger version and details:

Vintage Postcard "Disneyland - Tomorrowland"

Monsanto Exhibit in Disneyland

Disneyland Carousel Of Progress Postcard


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6 thoughts on “Vintage Disneyland Tomorrowland Postcards

  1. Zelig says:

    Oh, also, I love the photo of the Rocket Jets and the People Mover.

    It cracks me up when I read Disneyland forums and participants bemoan the loss of the People Mover because on the surface the idea of a public transportation ride sounds boring. However, those pods added a lot of movement and color to Tomorrowland.

    The Rocket Jets were a lot more exciting than the Astro Orbiter: you had to take an elevator to get to the ride and you were given a bird’s eye view of the park.

  2. Zelig, that is a great site and a staple of my newsreader.

    I loved the People Mover and wish they would bring it back. Did you ever ride the Rocket Rods? Such a waste.

    Well at least WDW still has a peoplemover going and it is my favorite way to relax at the park.

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great postcards.
    These remind me of Expo 67 in my home town and the Man And His World exhibits.
    They also had a functional monorail. Such transports are so very exactly the right pace to be moved around and take in the day.

    Indeed Vic, between Monsanto’s mad-scientist developments in our day and age and the Logan’s Run hand crystal hovering over passers-by, back then, I get a shivering vibe that they have an ongoing Master Plan involving Carousel at some point.

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